Marketing audits

Is marketing a strategic element of your business?

A structured approach to marketing should underpin product, service and business development and ensure you deliver on customer’s needs in the most cost effective manner.  Businesses with a strategic and structured approach to marketing will be successful in competitive markets and achieve a strong return on marketing expenditure.

We carry out marketing audits to identify the extent to which marketing is employed in your business and the strengths, gaps and weaknesses in the existing strategy and process.

Brand development

Does your brand uniquely capture your essence & personality and resonate with your customers?

A brand is defined as the sum of a business’ or product’s attributes: its name, personality, perceptions, images, price, positioning, history, service quality, goodwill and reputation, and the way it is promoted. A brand is the essence or promise of what will be delivered or experienced.

We work with you to define or enhance your brand essence, promise, personality in conjunction with our broader marketing services.

Trade mark services

Do you have a monopoly over your market?

Having a registered trade mark will add value to your business by:

  • providing you with a monopoly to use your name and/or logo exclusively within listed classes of goods or services per country
  • providing a strong legal case for protecting you from other parties passing off your products or services
  • capturing the goodwill and reputation in your name in a financially robust manner
  • enabling growth and franchise opportunity through licensing
  • increasing attractiveness to future investors, acquirers, mergers or licensees

If you’re infringing another’s trade mark, you may be liable for prosecution and could be sued for your profits and the plaintiff’s legal costs.

We provide the following trade mark services:

  • trade mark audits to determine your opportunity for growth, registration and risk of infringement
  • trade mark review in parallel with brand and logo development
  • trade mark filing on your behalf in Australia and overseas

Market and industry research

How big is your market and is it growing?

Whether starting or growing your business, knowing the size, trends, behaviours and risks of your market is paramount to business success and should form the basis of your marketing strategy and business plan.

We can help you with:

  • Market segmentation and sizing
  • Identification of market status, trends and key drivers
  • Industry analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Surveys and focus groups
  • Competitor analysis

Marketing strategies

Is your marketing strategy helping to develop your business and deliver success?

Businesses with sound marketing strategies are better able to make informed business decisions, maximise profit and keep customers coming back.

We can help you to develop a practical and cost effective marketing strategy specific to your business covering:

  • Product / Service / Branding – design, quality, features, point of difference, presentation
  • Positioning – where you sit in the market place in respect to quality, price, product or service offering, geography etc
  • Price – pricing policy, discounts, allowances and terms.
  • Place – where the product/service will be sold and how it will be delivered to the customer. This includes transport, warehousing and distribution, retailers, suppliers and inventory.
  • Promotion – the mix can include advertising, public relations, networking, web-based marketing, and direct selling.

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