Managing the planning, delivery and maintenance of critical infrastructure and production assets is key to servicing the community and underpinning the economy.

Our services include:

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Preparation of complex business cases and funding applications for state and federal projects
  • Contract and project management including scheduling, financial estimation and management
  • Risk management and Investment Logic Mapping
  • Management systems review and development
  • Stakeholder and community consultation
  • Coordination of planning and environmental approvals including Planning Scheme Amendments and permits
  • Asset performance measurement and benchmarking
  • Asset and maintenance management strategies
  • Organisational design and performance management

How else can we help?

Executive Leadership & Coaching

Leadership doesn’t come from authority and power but rather your ability to inspire, influence and motivate your team towards a vision or common goal.

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Organisational Excellence

From corporate governance to organisational development and HR policies and procedures we have a number of resources to help you achieve organisational excellence.

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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Conflict significantly affects employee morale, productivity, health & wellbeing, customer relations, revenue and profit.

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Developing & Managing People

We help build and transform the capability of organisations to maximise their performance.

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Developing & Managing Teams

A cohesive team is critical for success, a high performing team will ensure your business runs smoothly and delivers results.

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Facilitation & Community Engagement

Do you need to engage multiple stakeholders to deliver outcomes?

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Business Strategy & Growth

We develop business strategies that combine creativity and outside-the-square-thinking, with proven market-driven methodology and analytical rigour, to deliver insights and results beyond current performance.

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Marketing & Branding

The aim of marketing is to identify your customers, communicate your value to them, satisfy them, and keep them coming back.

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Project Management

Everyone has great ideas, industrious missions and inspiring projects but sometimes it's a whole different challenge just getting them across the finishing line.

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