Social Media Trends 2021

Social Media for business is a powerful tool and when used strategically can deliver a range of benefits from brand awareness and increased market reach, to lead generation and customer advocacy.

Identifying which social media platform(s) to use is the first step when creating your strategy.  Below we explore the latest trends and usage to help navigate which platform best suits your business objectives.

Australian Social Media usage by age

20.5 million Australians or 79.9% of the total population are active Social Media users.  The 25-34 age group represents the highest demographic with 2,583,000 or 26.9% of users.

Aust Social Media Users by Age 13 – 17 years old: 348,500 users (3.6%) 

18 – 24 years old: 1,681,000 users (17.5%)

25 – 34 years old: 2,583,000 users (26.9%)

35 – 44 years old: 1,804,000 users (18.8%)

45 – 54 years old: 1,353,000 users (14.1%)

55 – 64 years old: 963,500 users (10%)

65+ years old: 861,000 users (9%)



The 5 most used social media sites in Australia are:

#1 Facebook (90.31% of all social media users)

#2 Youtube (87% of of all social media users)

#3 Instagram (47.81% of all social media users)

#4 LinkedIn (34.53 of all social media users)

#5 Twitter (30.81% of all social media users)

Australian Social Media advertising statistics

Australia is estimated to be the 5th largest Social Media Advertising market in the world with 33% of Australians stating they use Social Media when looking for information about a brand.

When selecting which platform to spend your advertising dollars it makes sense to choose those platforms your target audience use.

Facebook and YouTube lead the way in relation to audience reach. The figures below refer to eligible audience reach as a percentage of the total Australian population, (aged 13+):

  1. Facebook – 90.31%
  2. YouTube – 97.66%
  3. Instagram – 47.81%
  4. LinkedIn – 34.53%
  5. Twitter – 30.81%
  6. TikTok – 5.84%
  7. Pinterest – 1.54%

Social Media global advertising cost benchmarks

Facebook cost per link click: $0.41

Facebook cost per lead click: $0.67

Facebook cost per conversion click: $0.25

Facebook cost per Like: $0.20

LinkedIn Senior Decision Maker click: $6.40

LinkedIn Senior/Junior employee click: $4.40

Interesting facts

  • Facebook is Australia’s 3rd highest trafficked site after Google and YouTube.
  • Australian Facebook users are some of the most active advert clickers in the world with an average of 22 adverts clicked per month vs the global average of 12.
  • LinkedIn is Australia’s premier B2B Social Media platform.
  • Australia is the 12 largest LinkedIn advertising reach market in the world.
  • 56.5% of Instagram users are Female and 43.5% are male.
  • Twitter has an estimated 5% market share of the Australian Social Media advertising market compared with Facebook’s 80% market share.
  • Australian Pinterest advertising audience reach has fallen 500k (7%) to 4.30m in 18 months to January 2021.

Summary snapshot

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Source: Genroe